Stop Listening to the Mean Girls in Your Head

Nov 23

Today…now…I resolve to stop listening to the Mean Girls in my head.  For many years they were aided and abetted by the mean dude I was married to.  And I’ve been hearing the echoes of their words for too long.  But I’ve finally figured it out…I’m not as fat as I think.  I’m not a loser after all.  Who knew?

The way I finally realized all this is through a picture of me that someone posted on Facebook.  It’s a full-length shot.  I frowned (as usual) when I saw it.  I wished my waist was smaller like it was before I had five kids.  I wished my arms were longer, but there’s nothing I can do about THAT.  At least the boobs are in the right place due to the magic of the push-up bra.

But then I scrolled up so that I couldn’t see the face.  And when I just looked at the body, she had lost 10 pounds.  She had lovely curves.  That chick is hot.  She’s hot no matter what her age, and she’s particularly hot for a woman in her 50s who’s had FIVE children.

Elizabeth at Rehearsal

Elizabeth at Rehearsal

And what am I doing in this picture?  I’m at rehearsal for a play.  I have the lead adult role.  My director tells me that I’m doing a GREAT job.  Why on earth do I have a hard time overcoming the echoes of those Mean Girls?

Sure, I have some things that I do better than others.  I’m not perfect.  But why should I expect myself to be perfect?  Nobody can possibly be perfect.  Nobody can even be excellent in every area!

Today.  Now.  I’m kicking those chicks out of here.

Are you still listening to the mean girls in your head?

Elizabeth Siggy

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  1. I don’t know that the girl in my head is mean. I think it’s probable she doesn’t look at me the way others do. I think she can, at times, be one of my harshest critics. But I don’t know that she’s intentionally mean.

    Trouble is: everyone’s perspective is somewhat skewed.

    To friends, or to others who are my age, I might look great.
    To a much younger woman, I might look decrepit.

    Who knows what the real truth is?
    Perception is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Yes, you need to stop listening to that mean girl because she’s full of shit. You are a gorgeous. You have a lovely, sexy shape, and you are doing the things you want to do with your life.

    It is hard to stop listening to those bitches in your head, but please stop. They be liars.

  3. I think I have successfully smothered mine. I usually feel pretty confident.
    I do have anxiety, but it’s completely unrelated to what I look like or what I THINK I look like.
    For me, positive self-talk really helps.
    You are beautiful, you know. Really beautiful.

  4. Nancy /

    Daily. I was divorced in 2007 – Christmas Eve, after 33 years. Since then, I’ve gotted old, fat, and terribly unexcited about life. Right now, I’m having a series of facials, trying to exercise daily, and watching what I eat. I’m hoping to feel better about myself soon.

  5. Linda Johnson /

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. For the longest time I thought I was the worst person in the world and that my Daughter would never love me again. He (my ex-husband) twisted everything to the point where I thought I was going nuts! However, through the Love of God and wonderful Parents and a Sister that is my Best Friend, I have survived! There are still flash backs, but they are fewer thank God! I met an amazing Man and thanks to my recovery of an abusive relationship and David’s love for me, I am on the short road to recovery. Thanks for your information. Your Sister Linda

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