It’s Blog Spam Day

Aug 21

Spam, Glorious Spam!

Spam, Glorious Spam!

When you have a blog, you’re going to get comments from all kinds of people. Some of them are kind, some are mean, but some of the comments are spam. I mostly get blog spam from people whose first language is not English and they’re trying to sell something. I love the comments I get from spammers. Here are the latest.

“For just a more secure purchasing experience on your own hunt for a new pre-loved designer bag…”

Obviously, my mind is in the gutter. But I keep wondering how one creates a new, pre-loved designer bag. Is it new? Has it been pre-loved? Ewwwwwww!

“Upon my foot mostly,madam,was the reply. Well,my Lord,said her Majesty,all these fine speeches do not convince me of the propriety of so soon showing any mark of favour to your –(designer handbag)”

My designer handbags want a mark of favour! But I’m not going to be wearing them upon my foot. That’s crazy.

“A director of C—— Asia, the local distributor for the lamps and levitation kits says….”

Levitation kits? I NEED a levitation kit!

“Hmm….very good blog post and material here. Your expert articles on this site are truly useful! I’ve been browsing for regularly current information on why should i stop smoking weed.

I swear I haven’t been writing about weed. Maybe you should stop smoking it since your reading comprehension skills seem impaired.

“In the following few years, there is free education online in forms of typing or language skills, phonics, or some other easy thing…”Easy thing? Tell that to my kids with dyslexia! “…Conclusion and Recommendations – The introduction of the CHT as well as alleviate the muscle strain of labor and childbirth. Waisey mahireen ka khayal hai kay mubashrat Intercourse sey orgasm hasil nahi kar pati.”

Say what? I have no idea what this means, but I suspect it’s in Ewok. And means something very rude. 

“I don’t even understand how I ended up right here, however I thought this put up used to be good. I do not recognize who you are however definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger in the event you are not already. Cheers!”

When I feel bad about my blog, I can always come read my spam. Those guys really know how to give a compliment. Cheers!

Elizabeth Siggy

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  1. Everyone needs a levitation kit!

  2. The spam, the spam…a never ending source of wonder and entertainment.

  3. Lamps and Levitation kits?!? They’ve got the coolest shops overseas…

    Loved this. The Spam Files: the go-to spot for some of the best humor on the Interwebs

    • Elizabeth Lee /

      You know, I’ve been to other countries, but they never showed me where to buy levitation kits. 😉

  4. Spam gets a bad rap. I think that my self-esteem gets a boost when I read my spam!

  5. Isn’t Spam hysterical? How do they come up with this stuff? I must admit sometimes I have to reread a comment just to make sure it’s spam and not real. But then I look at the URL and that seals the deal. No way are they getting by me!

  6. It all sounds wonderful until you realize they just want to sell you a penis enlargement pill!! 😛

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