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Sep 21

busy busy busyI’ve been terribly busy lately. As you know, I’m enamored of theatre. And the internet. And sharing information to help people make connections both online and face-to-face. It’s what I do.

I’ve been involved with some form of online community since the dark ages of dialup. Yes, I remember getting kicked off the internet when I got a phone call on my home line.

When I first got online, I was more likely to be chatting with someone halfway across the continent than someone in my own neighborhood.

But then the internet got bigger–much, much bigger. And along came Facebook. Suddenly people were using their own names and giving specific locations where they lived. So Weird.

Now, people are making local connections online and moving it to face-to-face. And making connections in person and moving it online. It’s all very fluid.

Lately I’ve been involved with an online group for local community theatre. In the group, it’s become very apparent to me that my city has a HUGE, vibrant theatre community. But there’s no central place to share information.

When I look for auditions, I have a long list of community theatre websites to patrol. Some organizations have better websites than others. Some mostly post on Facebook. And then there’s the guy who got amazing reviews for his last production, but he’s new and doesn’t have much online presence at all.

So, I got this harebrained scheme to create a website supporting all these amazing people and organizations. I was already gathering and organizing a lot of the information for my own personal use, so why not share it online?

So I did. 


I created a website this week. I was laid up with an injury, so I thought I should do something useful with my time.

Okay, so it was a lot of work, but once I finish tweaking things and get the information all organized and the pages all set up, it should be fairly easy to maintain.

But mostly, it’s been fun. I’ve learned a lot. Yes, I am a bit of a geek, and learning means I was having FUN. Also, I wanted to give back to the community that’s helped me move out of that dark place I was in after my divorce.

Check it out. IMNSHO, it looks pretty good.

Elizabeth Siggy


  1. I wanna play Hamlet. Any ideas?

    • Elizabeth Lee /

      We’re having a Shakespeare kind of year around here with As You Like It, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Romeo & Juliet, and The Taming of the Shrew. No Hamlet in sight, though.

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