Silent Sunday – Vacation

Jun 09

Our Disney Vacation. We enjoyed the new sections of Fantasyland…The Beasts's Castle New Fantasyland Disney…the rides…

Carousel Horse with corners     Fastpass for Soarin' Corners

…the shows…

Indiana Jones Show Corners

…and the beautiful sunsets.

Sunset 2 N Japanese Gate wCorners

Elizabeth Siggy

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  1. Ah, I remember those days of taking the kids to visit DIsney. It is such a fun place, isn’t it? Although, every time I returned, I felt like I needed a vacation!!

    • Elizabeth /

      This trip we went to the beach for a couple of nights after hitting Disney so we could rest up. It was marvelous.

  2. Elizabeth, is this Disneyworld in Florida, or…? Love the place, but am disappointed prices have risen at DisneyLAND, not simply to an arm and a leg, but an arm, leg & kidney.

    Love love love that pagoda/sunset shot. Amazing.

    • Elizabeth /

      Beverly, this is Walt Disney World in Florida. Yes, it costs and arm and a leg, but we still go. Thanks for the compliment on the sunset shot. It’s amazing what you can capture with an iPhone these days.


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