It Was a Double-Feature Double Date

Jun 30

I’m an introvert. That’s just who I am. I’m not shy or retiring or any of those bad things about being an introvert, but I really am an introvert and need time alone to recharge.

When you’re an introvert, it’s easy to spend too much time alone. Home is safe and comfortable. Since I’ve decided that it’s time to step outside my comfort zone and make a little magic, I’m trying to plan regular activities outside of the house.

Last week, I saw on some social media (Facebook? Twitter? Maybe even in an email?) that my local PBS station, WKNO, was having a drawing for tickets to Much Ado About Nothing. So I entered the drawing. Then I remembered that my children and I had firm plans to go see Casablanca at the downtown movie palace which has been renovated into a real theatre.

Oh no! I want to do both, but since Casablanca is a one shot deal, I’ll have to refuse if I win.

Well, lo and behold, I eventually got an email saying that I had won two tickets, did I want the afternoon or evening showing? Of course I wanted the afternoon and by the way was there any way I could have a couple of extras since I wanted to bring my kids?

The very gracious staff at WKNO was able to give me tickets for the kids, too, so off we went. Just me, my two sons, and one of my daughters. It was a double date.

Y’all, it was so much fun! I don’t recommend going if you hate Shakespeare with a modern twist, but we loved it. The audience was mostly “mature” (retired) adults who appreciated the humor. Instead of swords, the characters brandished pistols. Often. In this film, which was shot in black and white, the “cake” from the wedding scene was made of cupcakes. Sunglasses, iPods, and smart phones were all part of the fun.

Much Ado About Nothing is rated PG-13, and while I feel it’s an appropriate rating based on language and visuals, there were a couple of very steamy scenes that made me a touch uncomfortable seeing it with my sons who are 17 and 18. They probably felt a little funny seeing it with Mom, too. In my opinion it would make a GREAT date movie.

And what made it even more special is the fact that I won a door prize. Sunglasses, of course.

Shakespeare Knew How to Throw a Party

Shakespeare Knew How to Throw a Party

After the first movie, the kids and I snagged a quick fastfood meal and headed downtown to see Casablanca. It was playing at the Orpheum, which is an old-timey movie palace that has been restored to its former splendor and renovated to provide staging for large-scale theatrical productions. When Broadway shows come to town, this is where they play.

We barely made it in time for the opening scenes and had to sit in the nosebleed section (who knew so many people would show up?!?) but had a marvelous time. Again.

By the time Casablanca was over, we were all ready to head home. It is exhausting being around that many people when you’re an introvert and all four of us are introverts. After having a real date Thursday night and a family date Friday night I was done. Saturday night I stayed ┬áhome with a good book.

Are you making an effort to move outside your comfort zone?

Elizabeth Siggy

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