On Migraines and Being an Introvert

Jul 15

On Migraines

A three-day migraine will really ruin your week. I had one of those last week. It was the kind of migraine where my head was pounding and I had a bizarre visual disturbance. It looked a bit like this.
Double Vision
All I knew for sure was that everything was blurry and I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. On day 3, I started getting concerned about the blurry vision and realized that I was seeing double when I closed my right eye, but not when I closed my left eye.

I Googled, as is my wont, and found that it could be a BRAIN TUMOR or something pretty benign. I voted for something benign and tried to go back to sleep.

So, yesterday morning the worst of the pain was gone and so was the double vision in one eye. The obvious diagnosis is not brain tumor. Musta’ been the migraine.


On Being An Introvert

I’m an introvert. I actually like people and enjoy spending time with them. I enjoy getting to know new people (but not too many at once!).

But the problem I’m having is that I’m going to BlogHer’13, which is like this giant convention of (mostly) women who write blogs. I’m excited about it. Really I am. I’ll get to see some old friends and some new friends. I’ll get to learn new things.

I’m freaking out about it. Will I be able to handle the noise and the stress? Will I have fun? Or will I want to run away?

So, if you see me there sitting in a corner with my face in my phone pretending I’m alone in a grassy meadow, just ignore me for 10 minutes. I’ll be back.

You see, introverts get their energy from solitude. We think and feel deeply. And then we tend to splatter those feelings all over the internet. But it’s harder to put them into actual words that people can hear. I think that’s why I like acting. I can be someone else and use the words someone else wrote for me.

Speaking of feelings and phones… I don’t like to talk on the phone. I mean, I really, really hate it. My poor mom doesn’t get nearly enough phone calls from me because I hate talking on the phone.

Sometimes, you just HAVE to make a few phone calls. Today, I made phone calls that were way overdue. Yay me. I’m exhausted.

Elizabeth Siggy

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