Aug 09

Today I was going to write one more post about my trip to BlogHer. I was going to finally do the fully-illustrated, full-of-photographs, post that I’ve been planning ever since I got back home.

Instead, I have to stop and ask why?

Why are people so evil?

Why do they do evil in the name of God?

On the day that I got stuck in the airport in Chicago and lost my purse and all that entailed, I had a bad day. It was nothing compared to the day that Sgt. Stephen M. New had.

His funeral is tomorrow.

And guess who says they’re coming to visit?

Yep, you’re right. Our utterly delightful friends from Westboro Baptist Church.

I’d give you a link to their press release, but I don’t want them to get any extra traffic on their website. It makes them feel good.

The protest is planned at a church in my area. Church officials have been in contact with the local police. They believe everything is under control. They say that WBC does not have a permit and will not be allowed to protest. I dunno if WBC will show up because it’s not on their schedule. (Don’t google them. Really.)

I hope there’s no protest, no counter-protest. I hope this family is allowed to grieve in peace and they are surrounded and supported by loving family and friends.

But I’m still sitting here asking why.

Why do these people think that disrupting someone’s grief will make God happy with them?

Why do they spread hatred of God and His people this way?



Why Card






I’m a researcher. I have mad Google skilz and I just can’t let these things go. Apparently, the founder of WBC had a life-changing “experience” as a young adult and he suddenly because violently anti-gay. Speculation says that it was a homosexual experience. That’s why he created his church. The “church” is losing the younger generation. You can read more about the defection of his granddaughter here. 

You can read more about Sgt. New on this website.

If you are the praying type, please pray for the family of Sgt. New.

Elizabeth Siggy


Update: A friend of mine was at the funeral. She posted on Facebook that it was a beautiful service. I saw another post that WBC showed up but left quickly. There was no disruption of the funeral. I’m very relieved.


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  1. Praying for the family of Sgt. New.

    Why do people spread hatred in the name of God? For the same reason that people judge others, envy what others have, pretend to be one thing at church and are completely different at home.

    Why? For the same reason that people think that God is a vending machine and if they just pray the right way, or have enough faith, or do enough good things that God will give them what they want.


    People are frustrating.

    • Elizabeth Lee /

      Yes, people are frustrating. I think that’s going to be my new personal philosophy. It sounds better than “People are no d@mn good.”

  2. The “why” in my opinion is undiagnosed mental illness. My ex is undiagnosed but almost certainly OCPD, (go ahead and Google it, or look it up on Wikipedia, or you can visit my alter-ego’s site, http://perfectlyawfulusa,blogspot.com.

    People with OCPD are obsessed not only with right and wrong, and see the world in a very black-or-white way, but they feel the need to push their moral standards into other people. It can be extreme, WBC-style, or it can be the mother who keeps the “perfect” house and always bakes six dozen homemade organic cookies for the school bake sale.

    • Elizabeth Lee /

      Oh, I didn’t have to look up OCPD. I’m surprised my former mother-in-law’s photograph is not in the Wikipedia article because she personifies it. The woman is obsessed with sticks. STICKS! Her children and grandchildren have spent countless hours picking up sticks.

      My ex-husband probably has NPD, his sister has a long list of issues including an eating disorder and a gambling problem, and I don’t really want to know about his brother. The really sad thing? These people who are very ill think they’re perfectly normal and will never seek treatment.

  3. Is there an answer to your question?

    Why are people so evil?
    Why do they do evil in the name of God?

    It’s beyond me. Thank you for bringing this up. It’s beyond my understanding.

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