I don’t want your husband. Really.

Sep 10

I don't want your husband. Really.

I don’t want your husband. Really.

So there’s this divorced woman at my church, and…

And, what?

You’re worried she’s after your husband?

I have some good news for all of you ladies out there who are concerned about the divorcees at your church. We don’t want your husbands. Really.

If a divorced woman is going to your church, she’s probably there to worship God and provide spiritual training for her children. She may be looking for supportive friends. She may even be there looking for a nice, single man.

But she’s definitely not there to hit on your husband.

Married men are everywhere, not just in church. If I wanted to chase after a married man, I certainly wouldn’t do it in a setting where his wife and children would be around.

That divorcee in your church? Maybe, just maybe, she knows what it’s like to have a husband who is unfaithful. Having BTDT, most of us would never do that to another woman. And we would never, ever do anything to hurt other children the way our children have been hurt.

That divorced woman at your church? She doesn’t want your man. She may want a man to call her own, but she doesn’t want yours.

And now I have some bad news. If you’re worried about somebody from church being attracted to your husband, you need to worry about your married friend whose husband is mean or distant.

That woman is lonely and vulnerable. She thinks she’s “safe” because she’s married. She thinks your husband is safe because he’s married and she’d never do anything to hurt your friendship or to damage either marriage. And then one day, you look around and your lonely, vulnerable friend is laughing at your husband’s jokes. She’s asking him for help and advice since her husband can’t or won’t be there for her. And then you notice that your husband is smiling at her like she’s the cutest thing he’s seen all week. Their eyes meet just a little too often.

My friend, that’s the time to worry.

Elizabeth Siggy

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